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July 20, 2012


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Late last night, a lone gunman went on a killing spree in a movie theatre in Aurora, Colorado.  

At least 12 people were murdered, and many more were wounded; some of them are in critical condition.

If you are a spiritual person, please say a prayer for the dead, the dying, and those living touched by this tragedy.

If you are not a spiritual person, any happy thoughts or kind gestures would surely be appreciated.

Please refrain from any speculation, politicization, rumor-mongering, conclusion-jumping, finger-pointing, and other similarly inappropriate behavior for just a little while, if possible.  It hasn't even been 12 hours since the tragedy took place, and that sort of unproductive demagoguery is already being handled nicely by the 24-hour news venues.

Real tragedies like this happen, all over the world, and our responsibility to our fellow man is to render aid & support, be it large or small, in times of crisis.
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mypreciuuss Oct 24, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
well said sir
Amen to that, and an amen to those who were touched by this tragedy.
I feel so horrible for the families. :(
thank you so much for posting this. i actually live in aurora and have been to that theater a few times.but in times of crises, aurora keeps strong.everyones thoughts and prayers, donations and actions have been very helpful for those who were affected
My thoughts are with victims and families, and yes, misfortunes like this happen all over the world. For Aurora, the madness has made ​​a foray into our world of passion and art ... This is an opportunity to feel bruised and touched by the sadness, and a bridge of compassion for all others...
It's sad, but the same day over 120 people were killed in Damascus and thousands of people became homeless in Burma. there are all kinds of villains out there. So sad...
RosalindeDreams Jul 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
So, I never comment on your stuff, and I apologise that this is probably the first time I'll show up besides faves and the watch... but I'm sure you'll understand why.

My heart ACHES for anyone who lost friends, family, loved ones. All I could do when I read about it was sit and cry, and finally after a little while, pray for those who were lost and send happy thoughts and love out into the world for those who were hurt or lost someone.

For those who don't know what this means, in a nutshell: God bless everyone.
that was incredibly articulate, and wonderfully written, humble, and with the absolutely correct reaction.

we should all be humbled by such a tragic moment, recognize it occurs all over the world, in different ways. however, we are a resilient bunch, us humans.

i sent many prayers, held onto my mala prayer beads, and thought as many positive thoughts as i could.

as any normal person with feelings would, i wish i could do something, say something. as a quaker, with a number of ways i pray (including mala beads), my first thought is of peace, and praying for those that lost someone, comfort, praying for those that shielded loved ones, as i'm sure we all would (i would certainly cover my mother, she's my world, as i would all of my friends, there are also my world.)

my. hughes, you are a hero to a lot of artists as well as comic readers (i'm a writer, not a visual artist, unfortunately.) thank you for saying such wonderful words. the words that befit the hero that you are to so many of us. personally, i have one of your zatanna posters, i look at it for inspiration.

more often than not, our heroes do not meet our very high expectations: thank you for exceeding mine.

peace to those in aurora, CO.

:bulletwhite:The Brazilian TV news are talking a lot about this tragedy,and Im very sad with it! :depressed: If you know some site to where send support messages to the families of the victims,share this information with us. :greetings:
Well said sir. My continued thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families.
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