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I guess it's time for a big post.  There's a few things I'd love to recap and address…

First off, my bad hand.

I want to thank each and every well-wisher that has posted kind words about my damaged drawing hand, and for everyone that came by at San Diego Comic Con 2008 to personally check in on me.  You folks are the best.  I've said it before, I don't have a MILLION fans, but I have 10,000 AMAZING fans.  Thank you so much.

I went for a follow-up visit today, and the prognosis is good.  My quack, Dr. Reddy, said that my torn collateral ligament is healing properly and should be OK in 3 to 6 months.  I was supposed to do lots of range-of-motion therapy to clear the fluids from my damaged joint, and signing 5000+ autographs at SDCC kinda really helped.  My hand is feeling better, and this week, I'm gonna try drawing for the first time in a month.

I guess I should talk about San Diego now… what an exhausting show!

It was a lot of prep getting ready for the show, especially with the A/C dying on us before we left!  Talk about a sweatshop.  We made it to the show, and we made it to the booth every day.  It was a great show, but as everyone knows, SDCC is overwhelmingly ginourmous.  Too much to see, too much to do, too much to buy.  And never enough time!

I had a great time as always hanging out with my great buddies at Sideshow Collectibles, whom I design the Marvel Comiquettes for.  We talked about lots of cool new stuff to work on!  Hopefully you can be exposed to it real soon…

I saw many cool things at the show, but my favorite was Night Owl's airship Archimedes from the WATCHMAN film!  I had a complete nerd-gasm when fanboy radio host Mark Walters showed it to me before Preview Night started last Wednesday.  WOW.  If the Owlship is any measure, Zach Snyder & crew have a great film in store for us.

A special thanks to all the fabulous cosplayers who stopped by my table!  I feel like a recharging station form electric cars when it comes to cosplay lovelies dropping by.  Special props to Kimmy and Stephanie for their wonderful Powergirl and Zatanna outfits!  The fabulous Miracole and her bottomless reservoir of cool outfits!  The wonderful Belle Chere showed up in the best She-Hulk I've ever seen in person….  And the gorgeous Ruby Rocket did a drive-by on her new Starfire get-up.  The only thing missing from the SDCC costume parade was an appearance by the incomparable Riddle.  San Diego was a poorer show for her absence.  All these lovely ladies stopping by made me feel 10 feet tall, and at the very least, bullet-resistant.

It was wonderful to see many of my heroes and favorite artists and writers.  Mike Mignola, who walks on the ground I worship, stopped by more than once.  Seeing original HELLBOY art in the hands of our industry's most unique living legend always makes me feel like I work in a very, VERY special field.
Art genius Tim Sale was on hand as well, to make me feel under-tanned and untalented: make sure you check out his new CAPTAIN AMAERICA miniseries with wordsmith Jeph Loeb!

I did a signing at the CAPCOM booth for my Chun Li contribution to the Udon STREET FIGHTER tribute book with old crony J. Scott Campbell, and Jeff's particular brand of amazingness always reminds of just how FUN comics are supposed to be.  Special thanks to the CAPCOM folks who let me play STREET FIGHTER 4 while waiting to start the signing.  It is a KILLER GAME, and you can play it with a bum hand.

Thanks also to Dark Horse Comics for letting me come by and sign!

Well, I can't remember all the wonderment that was the biggest show of the year, but I had a blast.  A big, fat, tired blast.  Tomorrow, the A/C will return coolness to my world, and I can unpack and et back to business.  ALL-STAR WONDER WOMAN, Sideshow designs and lithos, and whatever else craziness comes my way.

Thanks to a very special few that made San Diego Comic Con 2008 possible:

The unnecessarily tall & fabulous Jessica Savitz and her crew at EPI for the great printing!

The tireless Andie for helping run my booth!

And special thanks to Allison for making it all possible.
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Sat Jul 19, 2008, 11:53 AM
My Eternal Gratitude

I wanted to thank every one for their kind words about my work.  I really appreciate all the genuine words od support and enthusiasm.

I damaged my drawing hand at HeroesCon a month ago, and it has officially become a Rough Summer.  Being able to read such nice things from people is actually helping.

You are all great folks.

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Hi-Rez Art

Sat Jul 12, 2008, 11:24 AM
Why I can't Upload Higher Resolution Versions of My Art

Thanks to everyone who has sent such kind messages since I joined yesterday.  Sadly, i cannot post higher-rez versions of my art, as certain nefarious types download them, make prints, and sell them on eBay and the like without permission from me or the copyright holders.

So, it's the "A Few Rotten Apples" excuse.

Also, thanks to everyone for the kind words about my damaged hand.