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Mur2008 Nov 25, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i reallly really like your art, very realistic now create a hologram picture so i can put it on my ship. i love your art work.
Dear Adam Hughes, You're a kind of master Yoda for me. ( and I'm not kidding... Well you're certainly not as green as him,ahah!) Your work is amazing, an inspiration for me.
Great collection of DC Super heroes art you've created Adam..... I love a number of your designs with Wonder Woman being my most fav!.

Also think some of the Superman & JLA works are good Illustrations too!.
mister hughes you are propably one of the best comic book artists ever. you are one of my favourites.
RockstarHearts Sep 1, 2009
I like your art style (:

And I loved your WW cover of "the Kiss" [the one with her and superman... right? lol]
some very hot picture there (especialy catwoman)
Hola Adam, desde el Caribe , recibe un gran saludo y que la variedad de ideas y el deseo de dibujar no abandonen la punta de sus dedos.

Animo y suerte con las hojas de papel en blanco que esperan volverse un objeto de aprecio y admiracion con las lineas que surcan su mente y se deslizan al papel.

Buen viento y buena Mar !!
Monsiour Hughes. I know I am not alone or in way original, but i am in love with your work. You are the star i aim for hoping to reach the tops of a fairly high tree.
best wishes
Thank you very much; it's very kind of you to say so.
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