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July 11, 2008
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Star Wars Legacy 7 by AdamHughes Star Wars Legacy 7 by AdamHughes
Star Wars Legacy
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Tricari Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
YOU'RE the one who drew this?! This is the reason I bought that comic! :O
Tricari Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
(in other words, I love it!)
Maddiepantz Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
just totally bought the trade paper back with this picture on the cover :)
LilianaVessFanBoy Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2011
"I has force field!" Sorry couldn't resist. Awsome work!
Leppardra Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2011
I think that in the "Legacy" series the Jedi Order still existed, only in a diminished capacity. Don't quote me on that, but I believe that's how it goes. :nod:
Seanfall Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2011
Ah I love the Legacy comics. This was one of favorite Covers.
Bonzulac Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2011
This is great... except it reminds me that Lucas decided to make the robes worn generally on Tattooine - by Uncle Owen, Ben, Luke's friends, people passing in the background, etc. - as the Jedi uniform. Why is this the Jedi uniform? It's not what Luke wore when he became a Jedi. It's Tattooine casual wear.

Sorry. Either I'm a nerd, or Lucas lost it. Oh, wait. Or both.
AdamHughes Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2011
First off - the straight dope. When I drew this STAR WARS cover of Ghost Luke for Dark Horse Comics, I was told by Lucasfilm that I was to draw Luke dressed as a prequel Jedi Knight (and NOT in his RETURN OF THE JEDI black Jedi outfit), with no lightsaber and two real hands (no glove over the right hand). As a commercial artist, you give the client what they want.

Now for Nerd Talk:

I think what's generally considered to be the "Jedi uniform" - earth tone robes, tunics, obis, and cloaks - is seen on Tatooine by Uncle Owen and the local rubes because it's actually NOT the Jedi uniform.

The Jedi don't HAVE uniforms (none of them dress identical i.e. uniform, and some are dressed are halfway to fancy, usually the ladies). I think the 'Jedi robes' are actually the "ash & sack-cloth" of the STAR WARS universe. It's how poor people dress: loose-fitting, cheap clothing. Since the Jedi are supposed to be without possession, attachment, or wealth (they are monks, basically), they dress like the rest of the poor people of the galaxy. When someone says they spot a Jedi Knight, it has more to do with the lightsaber on the hip than the actual outfit.

Considering how much variation we see in the Old Republic Jedi clothing, Luke's RETURN OF THE JEDI outfit is actually very close to how the male human Jedi dressed, with the exception of it being black. And since the Jedi Knights no longer existed, I guess Luke figured "Well, screw the dress code. Who's gonna yell at me?"

Anyways, that's the story I tell myself. I feel a day is not complete without a solid STAR WARS rationalization.
Jesse-the-art-maker Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2011
Wait, you think the Jedi's are peaceful monks? With light sabers? Yeah... Peaceful AND paranoid? Thats sort of like saying that the monks on Earth have machine guns, or Buddha had a heat seeking rocket launcher. Come on now! Monks? No... More like Rogues and rebels who cling to a faith in a world without hope... Thats how I interpret the Jedi anyway... But hey, thats just me. :/

But anyway, in conclusion, the Jedi would not wear hobo or monk like clothes, but gang and church like clothes, sort of like gangsters who go to church! A jersey, baggy pants, a gun, and maybe a bandanna... Thats how the Jedi would dress, but in THERE world and environment, not the hood or the gang downtown here on Earth, but pretty damn close and metaphorically!

Further more, The Jedi have plenty of possessions! Luke, for example, had two androids he inherited from his dead uncle that he OWNED and took with him everywhere, and ofcourse he owned a light saber, clothes, shoes, and a lunchbox that Yoda would dig through from time to time, I think he owned the x-wing that he crashed into Yodas swamp.

Uh... Just pointing out a few flaws in your theory, one fanboy to another! ;)
E-Matt Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Well, by the time of the Original Trilogy, the Jedi were all spread through the galaxy, or killed. So the Jedi Order was gone at this point.

Luke was never initially a Jedi until he started to learn from Obi-Wan. I wouldn't call these flaws within the Jedi Order, it's just how events turned out.

In most situations, Jedi do negotiate in a peaceful manner. The lightsaber was originally intended to be used for meditation or for self defense. In fact, when the Order first formed they used actual swords and not lightsabers.
But in respect of your opinion, the Jedi Order was founded by multiple factions, warriors, scientists, and priests. So I guess they started off as the "Badass Gang of the Galaxy".
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