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Born To Die by AdamHughes Born To Die by AdamHughes
Here's the pencils, final art, and then CSI crime scene shot of the poor Jedi girl. Here's the link to the final cover:


Hmmm. Haven't looked at this in years. There's some charm in the pencils that's lost in the final character art...
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JumpSpark Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013
Holy crap, I owned the beginner box set of this game as a kid! I always loved the character art so much!!!
Too bad she went down fighting.
Yojez Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2012
this is super cool
selvokaz Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2012
Wow, and yes I think I see what you mean by losing some charm.. and a hand, and a hole in the chest heh heh. Beautiful work though.
chambernaut Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2011  Hobbyist Filmographer
chilling art.
4154165 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2011
She have a history, doesn't? Please, say that she has one!
DeathScepter Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2010
i always like her. She is so pretty. it is a shame that she died.
strib Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2010  Professional General Artist
charm...yes. 2 words: personal massager
seanglenn Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2010  Professional Interface Designer
Adam, I'm still way happy with all the character designs you did on this stuff. She does have a bit more of an impish look in the sketch, but I think that came out in a few of the other drawings of her that you did.

I think that she has an instantly recognizable look that sits well with all the iconic characters from the films, without being an amalgamation of characters, either. You know, you should consider this drawing pictures thing professionally, man!

Are you going to post up the earliest sketches of the characters? I think I still have all the sketches on disc somewhere, I can email them to you if you want to look them over. I still have a softspot for the teenage wookie. I should see if I can find my original notes to you on the characters as well.
AdamHughes Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2010
God. That damned teenage Wookie.

Good to hear from you, Sean. That was a fun job and an even funner strip to Seattle for the launch party.
Tyyrlym Featured By Owner May 30, 2010
That image is just so very unnerving. I applaud the work that went into designing her I just hate to see a girl wind up like that, even an imaginary one.
Vertyeux Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2010  Student Traditional Artist
i love the female jedis outfit, but in the actual picture i think her chin needs to be rounded a tad more, she looks a lot like cat woman from that angle.
DarkerEve Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2010
So cute, why she have to die :tears:... Amazing anyway, that death scene is really powerful :D
BigYellowBird Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2009
I've seen all manner of horrors on the internet, but there's something particularly unnerving about this, even so.
Exxos Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2009
That CSI shot fills me with all manner of joy! Take that, self-righteous jedi whore! :D
HUMPHREYSIR Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2009  Professional General Artist
when I saw that cover I thought it was that alternate reality line Leia fighting Vader
Gold-Seven Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
Aaaaah, and here's where I knew you from! I remember seeing your character art in that Star Wars rulebook and loving the style. I still love it. :)
yelahttam Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2008
Like Owen Kampen said, "It's all in finding the right line".
Had no idea you were a Sevendust fan... - mh
nirman Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2008   Digital Artist
I believe and agree to whatever you say!! I even read your "How to draw perfect tits to make morons drool"!! :lol:
13wishes Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Ouch, looks real painful. Being a jedi has its bad, like the occasional lost of limb and/or
tedkordlives Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2008
It looks like she's been run through with a lightsaber. That's a pretty grievous insult among Jedi, and carries much dishonor. I hope that the culprit paid dearly for their crime.
ACdraw Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ummm... the "culprit" was Darth Vader.
roxination Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
Wow...I remember seeing the first images when I was like, 14.

The cover is great. I was surprised to see her again.
eHillustrations Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome!! I really wish there was a gritty Star Wars movie now.
hoiist Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2008   Filmographer
OMG so its you :noes: Now i know who you are :noes: I have that Comic and I loved how you did the covers, its so life like, and wonderfully awsome (if tha is such a word) You have done a great job :D
thesoftspot Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2008
I really like the character design and the hardcore death shot, though i wish the full view would be bigger
Twinsnake-Coatl Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2008
Can't help feeling sorry for the poor girl.
Seiginotora Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2008  Hobbyist Writer

The official time paradox of the Star Wars Universe. Seriously... [link] <== Like Shaak Ti, she dies twice.

OhImSeeinStars Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2008  Student Digital Artist
she's pretty hot.

i kinda see the lost charm there. :\

i have issues with that too. it looks so much neater with the cleaned up color, but.... it has so much more personality all sketchy and awesome too.
ultimategallo Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2008
drgnelf Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
All three are wonderful, and each has it's own merits.
VagabondArts Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
Yeah the pencils do carry a different edge to them then the final art. I am always trying not to lose that flair in the transition from sketch to final
juliaofukai Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
inkdoom Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I think the lost charm is in the ruffle of her hair, and the neatness and closeness of the rest of the image. The more rendered one loses the ruffle and she tends to look a little sloppier and a little less rigidly precise and prim.

But I love all three.
AngelicAdonis Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, brutal!
Natentaylor Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
It's all about the eyes. In the sketch, they're angled, young, mischievous. In the final, they're more rounded, serene, calm.
NibbleKat Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I always loved that older SW art for the RPG book. And ew, how did you make her look lovely, even when dead and dismembered?
AdamHughes Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2008
Dead chix is hawt, Kat!
pixeltease Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2008
Amazing pieces. For some reason I especially love the little detail of singe and smoke in the wound on her chest. To me it's the details like that which brings a realistic feel to a piece.
AdamHughes Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2008
I couldn't believe that Lucasfilm let me keep the crispy bits on the wounds. "yay" for realism! When I was a kid STAR WARS, had balls. Real people got shot, lightsabers cut off limbs, violence had repercussions. Am I alone in thinking that it's slighly negligent to make war and violence so palatable to kids, just to sell extra tickets, DVDs, or toys?
Nusquam-Vir Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2009
I fully agree, I'm a for gritty war flicks. "We Were Soldiers" anyone? I wish I'd have known better before I actually ended up going to war with all these visions of glory lol... Only to find out that there are no heroes in real combat. The only people ever recognized on any battlefield are those that lose themselves on that field, most never fully return, even after the war is long over.
luqkhyjonas Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
Crazy ^^AH
Rogzilla Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2008  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I think I can see what you are talking about with the loss of charm. In the original design, she has that great, big, fluffy hair, while in the final image, her hair is more typical slinky comic hair.

That's just what I think though. :-P
Mangaboy Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2008  Student Artist
ouch... poor jedi girl :S

i like it a lot :D
O-Sensei Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2008
INCREIBLE HERMANO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
cortezmaronie Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nice man! =) I swear u have like and "old-school" style y'know? Like anime mixed wit disney, but it works for today :nod:...especially wit this piece =D
sketchartist76 Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
That cover is what made me buy that comic:)
thelearningcurv Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2008
that charm you're talking about thats missing in the final, that's something I've noticed with a lot of artists and their art, it's something if we could harness it would make things so much more interesting. I think that generally you do a great job of keeping that freshness and energy through your images and thats what makes you so successful among other things. this is a nice image you uploaded, thank you for posting it.
mhunt Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2008
IT's a great image but.. why so small ?
el-texugo Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2008
That Vader piece is one of my faves from your work...

Good work!
daneault Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2008
Beautiful work, Mr. Hughes. I do agree that the final character art loses a little (very little) something from the pencils. (Disregard from here on if you wanna. Far be it from me to criticize you of all people;)) I think that part of it is that it's very flat. the pencils have some measure of dimensionality that is lost a little in the colors and in the dead line around the figure. If that makes any sense. :)

That said, te character art itself is still more beautiful than anything I've managed to scrape together. And the final cover is of course mindblowing. :)
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